Audio Services for Law Firms
Transfer from microcassette
Evidence is often recorded on microcassette units because they are more convenient and easily hidden.  Yet microcassette tapes cannot be played back on a standard cassette deck.  We can copy a microcassette tape to a standard cassette, CD or MP3 making your recorded evidence accessible to more people.  It also allows you to keep the original microcassette safely out of distribution and avoid possible damage or loss.

Transfer from unusually formatted audio media or voicemail
Reel-to-reel, cassette tapes and CDs recorded on specialized units cannot be played back on standard equipment.  Tapes recorded on proprietary equipment may sound as if they are running backwards, at unusually fast or slow speeds, or as if there are multiple audio tracks playing at the same time.  We can usually solve these problems by transfer to a standard cassette, CD or MP3.  We can also transfer audio from portable digital memo recorders and home, office or cellphone voicemail.

Noise reduction and improved clarity
Tapes can be difficult to understand for a number of reasons: improperly placed or hidden microphones; improperly operating equipment; background air conditioners and other noise sources; or even weak recorder batteries.  Frequently, we can reduce noises, enhance the clarity of a voice, and even out volume differences among people speaking from varying distances.  This can be done with the soundtrack of VHS and 3/4" video tapes as well.

Repair of physically damaged tape
We have the proper equipment and replacement parts to repair most damaged cassettes, often with minimal loss of recorded material.

Editing of recorded material
A single cassette or CD is easier to play in a presentation, meeting, or a courtroom.  We can combine elements from several tapes in order to reduce the delay and distraction of searching for a particular section.  CDs are especially useful in such circumstances allowing you to easily select a specific track for playback.  MP3 audio files allow you to easily email your audio or post it on the internet.

Duplication of audio
Multiple cassettes or CDs can be made from any audio format as well as from the soundtrack of any videotape or DVD.

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